I am an NJ-based photographer, working and exhibiting for over a decade. As a working artist, I bring a fine-art approach to all my professional photography.

To see my personal work, please visit http://www.sarastadtmiller.com/

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March 20, 2020. Nyron, our neighbor, photographed on the steps of his home. This was back when social distancing was serious, but like...4 or 5 feet was fine. Whoops! #4x5camera #blackandwhitesheetfilm #quarantinelife
Luna 3.17.20 in our yard. Photographed with a #4x5camera #blackandwhitesheetfilm 
Making use of our time 🖤 #isolationbuddy
My isolation buddies 💞
Not Physical Graffiti ⭐️
Today ruled. Thanks to @dinacrosta and Gabe for showing us the sights 🌿🌞
Manasquan Reservoir 🖤
A photograph of a boat for Gary. February 2015 East Bank, Ganges River. Varanasi, India. Printed February 2020 in my darkroom Neptune, NJ 
Happy Birthday @gamellon ❤️❤️❤️I love you.