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Ahu + Marcello

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged a wedding! Thrilled to hop back in with some favorites from Ahu & Marcello’s gorgeous backyard nuptials. A&M were among the many couples who had to change course (multiple times) for their big day. Fortunately, in the evolution of their planning, they were able to buy their first home! This beautiful house in northern NJ happened to be set on a magnificent property that became the ideal setting for their uprooted wedding day. I’m in awe of the perfection they achieved in record time! (They closed on the house less than 3 weeks before the big day!) Congrats Marcello & Ahu!!!

Sara R. Stadtmiller

SRS Photography

Asbury Park Wedding Photography

2nd Photographer: David Appel

Wedding Dress : Lovely Bride

 Groom’s attire : BAR III

Groomsmen : Calvin Klein 

Caterer : CITI PIE