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Andrea + Jim (married) McLoone’s Supper Club

I’ve actually known Andrea since we were little girls (family friends of my cousin’s).  Although we didn’t see each other often, I always admired this blue-eyed beauty and was honored when she and Jim chose me to photograph their big day! Andrea looked radiant in her J Crew gown (and a bun in the oven-congrats!) In addition to being  TALL, dark and handsome, Jim has a very sweet and gentle nature.  It was so adorable to watch him with Jack,  Andrea’s son and his (now) stepson.  I couldn’t be happier for this growing family-Congrats Andrea, Jim, Jack & Baby Kelly!VillaBlog_01 VillaBlog_02 VillaBlog_03 VillaBlog_04 VillaBlog_05 VillaBlog_06 VillaBlog_07 VillaBlog_08 VillaBlog_09 VillaBlog_10 VillaBlog_11 VillaBlog_12 VillaBlog_13 VillaBlog_14 VillaBlog_15 VillaBlog_16 VillaBlog_17 VillaBlog_18 VillaBlog_19 VillaBlog_20 VillaBlog_21 VillaBlog_22 VillaBlog_23 VillaBlog_24 VillaBlog_25 VillaBlog_26 VillaBlog_27 VillaBlog_28 VillaBlog_29 VillaBlog_30 VillaBlog_31 VillaBlog_32 VillaBlog_33 VillaBlog_34 VillaBlog_35 VillaBlog_36


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