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Chris + Dina (married) Asbury Park Wedding Photographer

This day was so special.  Dina is a very dear friend and I was beyond honored to when she asked me to not only be a guest, but to document their big day.  She is also a very talented and dedicated yoga instructor, so when she told me about her gorgeous red dress from Anthropologie, my 1st question was “Can you do a handstand in it?”  The answer is yes! Chris and Dina started their day at the beautiful Asbury Ocean Beach Inn, before heading over to an intimate ceremony and reception at Watermark.  It was truly lovely to be a part of such a select group of amazing people to celebrate Dina and Chris’s nuptial festivities. Congratulations Chris & Dina!!  I love you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness!!!

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Additional Vendors:

Hair: Kathleen Roskos

Makeup: Francesca

Custom Hair Piece: Foolish Ginger

Engagement ring: Catbird

Florist: Purple Iris