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City By The Sea: Photography from Asbury Park, NJ

As some of you know, my true passion is fine art photography.  I currently have a solo exhibit at Hotel Tides 408 7th Ave Asbury Park, NJ on display through October 28. This is a collection of images from over a decade of photographing in Asbury Park. The grand architecture and rich diversity continually draws me back.  I’m eternally conflicted over the ‘progress’ in this town.  While I love to see the thriving resurgence,  it saddens me deeply to observe the marginalization of the people and places that made this city so unique.  I’m presenting this collection as a witness to change. Asbury is truly a special place to many people, myself included. Here are a few from the show, if you’d like to see more, please visit my personal website.

Spiral Structure 2001

Boys 2012Palace Amusements 1999
Lamar 2009
Ambassador 2004