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Guy + Brad (Married) Watermark Wedding Photographer

Brad & Bert “Guy” have been together for 15 years and actually got married last October, on the the 1st day same sex marriage became legal in New Jersey.  Almost a year later, they had their Rock n’ Roll themed celebration at the beautiful Watermark in Asbury Park (Special Thanks to Russel!). Their invitations were in the form of concert tickets, provided by Joanne Lesser, and they asked guests to dress as their favorite rock star.  Guy dressed as Sgt. Pepper & Brad as Michael Jackson! It was a perfect evening to be on the boardwalk and Brad & Guy went all out to make sure their family and friends had an amazing night! Brad performed a special song for Guy, with the help of friends & family musicians (Howard Bowler and Amy Griffin and Dwight Rosenstein). The DJ, Tim Nelson of Mile Square Events, made sure the dancefloor was full all night, Guy’s mother dressed as Martha Wash from the Weather Girls and, with the help of some friends, performed It’s Raining Men, complete with and entourage of umbrella wielding young men.  Oh-and “Cher” (Steven Andrade) made 3 appearances!!  To top it all off, Confections of  a Rock Star provided the delicious desserts, including mini cupcakes topped with decades of Rolling Stone magazine covers, and an amazing cake with a picture of their cat, who was the mascot of the big event!  Congrats to Brad & Guy!!  Wishing you may years of happiness!! Love is LOVE!PICOTBLOG_01 PICOTBLOG_02 PICOTBLOG_03 PICOTBLOG_04 PICOTBLOG_05 PICOTBLOG_06 PICOTBLOG_07 PICOTBLOG_08 PICOTBLOG_09 PICOTBLOG_10 PICOTBLOG_11 PICOTBLOG_12 PICOTBLOG_13 PICOTBLOG_14 PICOTBLOG_15 PICOTBLOG_16 PICOTBLOG_17 PICOTBLOG_18 PICOTBLOG_19 PICOTBLOG_20 PICOTBLOG_21 PICOTBLOG_22 PICOTBLOG_23 PICOTBLOG_24 PICOTBLOG_25 PICOTBLOG_26

Additional vendor credits:

The Oratory Lab

Viburnum Designs

Hotel Tides (Ryan Jimenez)

Hobo Audio Company

Red Pick Music

SRS Photography