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Jake & Corinne Shot-gun Wedding!

Such an amazing day with Jake and Corinne at The Lake Valhalla Club! The weather was impeccable and the location was lovely and serene for their late morning ceremony.  The sun shone down on their two hour cocktail hour, while guests sipped cool drinks, played horseshoe’s and cornhole, lounged in adirondack chairs,  while they watched the bride and groom take a short boat ride around the lake.  There was so much going on all day, Dave and I barely stopped shooting.  Corinne and her baby bump looked adorable in her gown from I Do I Do (PS there were 3 other ‘bumps’ in the bridal party!), and the sunflower arrangements from The Potted Geranium were gorgeous!  Nico from Versatile Event Designs kept these day-time partiers on the floor all afternoon.  All in all, a pretty special day, here’s some of my favorites….

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