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Jon + Adriana

Adriana & Jon had a very wonderful day, packed filled with Ukrainian traditions, family, friends, children, sunshine, rain, more sunshine, laughter, dancing and love! It was an honor to be a part of such a special day.  Here are a few of my favorites…140510blog_01 140510blog_02 140510blog_03 140510blog_04 140510blog_05 140510blog_06 140510blog_07 140510blog_08 140510blog_09 140510blog_10 140510blog_11 140510blog_12 140510blog_13 140510blog_14 140510blog_15 140510blog_16 140510blog_17 140510blog_18 140510blog_19 140510blog_20 140510blog_21 140510blog_22 140510blog_23 140510blog_24 140510blog_25 140510blog_26 140510blog_27 140510blog_28 140510blog_29 140510blog_30 140510blog_31 140510blog_32 140510blog_33 140510blog_34 140510blog_35 140510blog_36 140510blog_37 140510blog_38