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Kaitie + Jason (married) Water Witch Club

I had a feeling this day was going to be great!! I’ve known Katie & Jason (aka Skiz) for many years, but only as acquaintances. We share many friends and interests and I knew it was guaranteed to be a very unique day (right up my alley). They both got ready in Asbury Park and decided their first look would be on a semi-secret island in Sunset Park. The weather was kind to us, not too hot and a perfect amount of clouds to prevent squinting at two in the afternoon. Katie looked beyond beautiful in her Vera Wang gown and all of her bridesmaids donned sexy, glimmery, different vintage-inspired dresses.  The Water Witch is an historic clubhouse that only books a few events a year, providing a perfect backdrop for the ceremony (officiated by Reverend Jill). When guests weren’t in clubhouse for dinner and dancing (music selects provided by my longtime bff–Neil O’Brien aka “Foggy Notion”), they were out on the lawn taking in beautiful views of Manhattan while playing bocce ball and the largest version on Jenga I’ve ever seen. To close the evening, Katie and Jason provided sparklers for all of their guests, adding to the romance and vintage feel of the whole day.   A huge thanks to Jenifer Rutherford for helping me document this wonderful event. And a shout-out to Rustic Catering for providing some of the best vegetarian food I’ve ever eaten! Also, thanks to Jen and her team from Proud to Plan for making sure the day went smooth! Congrats Katie & Skiz!!!

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