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Lisa + Al (married) Watermark Asbury Park

I am truly touched and honored each and everytime a couple trusts me to document their DAY of days, and this was no exception.  It was a privilege to play such an intimate role in this very special day. Not only are Lisa and Al total sweethearts and a joy to be around, their love for each other is palpable.  They are a beautiful couple inside and out. Lisa and her girls got ready at the impeccable Asbury Ocean Beach Inn, while Al & the guys were just down the street at the supercool Empress Hotel.  The ceremony was held at one of my favorite churches around, The Elberon Memorial Church, before heading back to Asbury Park for photos with the wedding party.  We also made a stop on the walking bridge to Ocean Grove so they could latch their engraved, heart-shaped lock together.  They then greeted family and friends at Watermark, where cocktails were strong, the food was delicious and the dancefloor was packed, per usual. Russel and his staff are a dream to work with-love this place!  All around awesome day!  Thanks a mil to my 2nd shooter, Dave-you rule!  Here are some faves….OrpheliaBlog_01_Web OrpheliaBlog_02_Web OrpheliaBlog_03_Web OrpheliaBlog_04_Web OrpheliaBlog_05_Web OrpheliaBlog_06_Web OrpheliaBlog_07_Web OrpheliaBlog_08_Web OrpheliaBlog_09_Web OrpheliaBlog_10_Web OrpheliaBlog_11_Web OrpheliaBlog_12_Web OrpheliaBlog_13_Web OrpheliaBlog_14_Web OrpheliaBlog_15_Web OrpheliaBlog_16_Web OrpheliaBlog_17_Web OrpheliaBlog_18_Web OrpheliaBlog_19_Web OrpheliaBlog_20_Web OrpheliaBlog_21_Web OrpheliaBlog_22_Web OrpheliaBlog_24_Web OrpheliaBlog_25_Web OrpheliaBlog_26_Web OrpheliaBlog_27_Web OrpheliaBlog_28_Web OrpheliaBlog_29_Web OrpheliaBlog_30_Web OrpheliaBlog_31_Web OrpheliaBlog_32_Web OrpheliaBlog_33_Web OrpheliaBlog_34_Web OrpheliaBlog_35_Web OrpheliaBlog_36_Web OrpheliaBlog_37_Web OrpheliaBlog_38_Web