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Liz + Zack (married) The Columns, Avon-by-the-Sea

Ahhhhhh-what an honor to be a part of such a joyous and beautiful event! Liz and Zack put a lot of effort into their beach & bicycle themed wedding, but what I found most touching was what they told me in our final meeting, that the larger theme they wanted to share with all their friends and family was this day was about two people who started as friends and are becoming a family! This day could not have gone better, the weather was beyond perfection (thank you, Indian Summer), the wonderfully unique Bishop Jane’s Tabernacle was a delightful setting for their very special ceremony, concluded with a beach ball exit-so cute! Then it was off to The Columns for an awesome evening of dinner & non-stop dancing, provided by The Mike Dalton Band.  Liz & Zack did step away for a few minutes so we could walk across the street to the boardwalk and take advantage of the splendid light at sunset. The guests were treated to a Mr. Softee Ice Cream truck, as well as delicious desserts from Del Ponte’s and the evening wrapped up with a whimsical sparkler send off.  Eternal thanks my 2nd photographer,  Dave Appel (aka the Smile Hunter™).  Also, the flowers from Gig Morris were gorgeous!!  Congrats to Liz & Zack!!  Thank you for having us be a part of such an amazing day!!!

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