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Lower East Side Blackout (NYC)

My heart is with those who are suffering due to Hurricane Sandy.  I am beyond grateful that I, and the the people I love, are safe. Most are still without power/heat/hot water, but everyone is accounted for and are trying to regain normalcy.  While my power is still out in Ocean Grove, NJ, my boyfriend in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) never lost it, so I’ve evacuated here since Wednesday.  While many places in NYC are still waiting for the lights to come back on, Gary and I decided to walk over the Williamsburg Bridge last night to witness first hand, the blackout in the lower east side of Manhattan.  Of course I took my camera and my tripod (thanks to Gary for carrying most of my gear). And thanks to the overcast sky, my long exposures were able to soak in a lot of ambient light. These image are brighter than reality. (PS While fumbling with my camera/tripod in the pitch black, I managed to save my Nikon D700 from smashing on the ground, but not before the back display collided into the tripod and cracked-oops)

Here’s what we saw…

Halfway across the Williamsburg Bridge, the power was out.
Rivington & Essex
Ludlow St
Katz’s Deli (with Gary)
Ludlow & Rivington
Houston St
This poor kid lost his phone and was trying to find his girlfriend in a blackout. I’m glad I trusted he wouldn’t steal my iphone.
A glimpse of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, between darkened buildings (from the Williamsburg Bridge)