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Rob + Caryn Married

I’ve known Caryn & Rob (Murph) for years, I was touched when they asked me to be their photographer, and  am grateful they had such a wonderful day.  Caryn is cute as button and looked adorable in her glasses! Her hair and make-up were perfect, thanks to Denise Vacchiano and Jaclyn Berkowitz.  Caryn had so many personal touches throughout the day and enlisted many to help her complete her vision, from having friends sing during the ceremony to individual home made sweetie pies and bookmarks as favors (thanks to her good friends Donna & Priscilla).  Caryn’s laugh and smile are infections, especially when it comes to Murph.  I loved watching his face light up when she was near.  After the ceremony at Mount Carmel church in Asbury Park, the bridal party headed to Spring Lake for some photos before the reception at the beautifully renovated Doolan’s Shore Club. It was a pleasure working in Inzi Video again, and thanks to Lindsey for the assist! Here are some highlights…

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